Loulan International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is an emerging force formed by a senior team with many years of international exhibition experience. The company is committed to the global military and police defense market, professionally represents internationally renowned military and police defense exhibitions and provides extended business services. It is mainly engaged in large-scale professional overseas exhibition promotion, international exhibition consulting, overseas business inspection, overseas visa guidance, booth design and construction, international International business activities such as freight forwarding and overseas marketing.
In the process of organizing the exhibition, it has established close ties with the Ministry of National Defense, the Science and Industry Bureau, the Purchasing Department of the Police Department, and the government-sponsored comprador companies, such as Iraq, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia. The reception and support of some embassies ~
Loulan International has been well received in the industry. It not only provides booth services, but also provides relevant market consultation to exhibitors, such as which exhibitions exhibitors overseas competitors participate in, and which high-end products are displayed. Market information allows exhibitors to make smarter participation decisions and exhibits excellent results, thus gaining a large number of loyal customers ~
In order to better serve exhibitors, Loulan International provides a series of free publicity services, such as Loulan International's 42-nation publicity plan, printing excellent manufacturers' lists, and distributing them to various national pavilions, police departments, and national defense booths at the exhibition site for distribution, and Collect relevant business card information and distribute it to Chinese manufacturers who have not come to the exhibition ~ Loulan International also has a professional resource sharing WeChat group, to answer various questions from exhibitors, and offline organizations "borrow exhibition salons" for free
~ Discuss industry development, information sharing

Loulan Exhibition Services Co.,Ltd

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